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Sacred Space "Stuff"

❤ Format : Cassette 

❤ Cat # FLAO45 

❤ Edition of : ??

Tracklisting :

A01 // Death Comes Swiftly
A02 // Love Like A Graveyard
A03 // Warm Booze
A04 // Nicotine Addiction
A05 // Crack The Window
A06 // The Damage Done
A07 // Everyone Else
A08 // Solitary Right
A09 // Go To Hell
A10 // The Love You're Giving
A11 // The Dream Dies Sweetly
A12 // See You Around
A13 // Visions Of You
A14 // Tension Lingers On
A15 // Put Me Down
A16 // I'm Checking Out
A17 // Be At Peace In Your Head
A18 // Sunny Afternoon
A19 // Faded
B01 // Tear Me To Shreds
B02 // Dreamt Into Life
B03 // Supposed To Forget
B04 // The World Keeps Us Sick
B05 // It Was Raining
B06 // The Night Sky
B07 // Paint A Picture
B08 // What If I Told You I Was Weak
B09 // Just A Touch From You
B10 // Dosing
B11 // Nastasya
B12 // Rot My Soul
B13 // Silence Of The Soul
B14 // A Bigger Picture
B15 // Morning Light
B16 // Favorite
B17 // Choked Up


About :

"Stuff" : is a C90 collection of Sacred Space tracks from 7 previous tape issues, initiated and compiled by James Wing of Pink Playground. Layout & Design also by James Wing with the use of original photos by Zdeněk Virt.

A01-A04 Originally from 'Self titled' First (FLA), A05-A09 Originally from 'Self titled' Second (EXBX), A10-A19 Originally from 'Self titled' Third (Rapture In Bloom), B01 Originally from 'FLA' Compilation (BEKO) B02-B06 Originally from 'Ballads I' (Rapture In Bloom), B07-B09 Originally from 'Ballads II' (Rapture In Bloom), B10-B13 Originally from 'Flat Affect' (Rapture In Bloom), B14-B17 Originally from 'What Branches Grow…' (Rapture In Bloom).

All Songs by Sacred Space (Adam Pfaff) 2010 - 2013.